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Software Engineering - JANUARY 27th – January 31st 

Software Engineering allows defining specifications of a system, design, analyzing, building and deploying the system within a team of software engineers. In this course, we will review the concepts of programming with a scripting language that will be the tool to develop a graphic application.

The different topics of the course are: using a programming language to draw on the screen computer, interaction and events, design 3D scenes, apply movement, and develop a graphic application.

20 hours

Day 1

Session 1: Drawing in the browser

HTML, the language to create web pages. Canvas, the element to draw. JavaScript, the language to draw.

Session 2: Animation

Loops to draw animations. Time in animation. Animated images.

Day 2

Session 3: Interaction

Include the user in the loop. Interaction with the mouse. Interaction with the keyboard.

Session 4: Drawing in 3D

Adding the third dimension. Transforming in 3D. Libraries for 3D drawing.

Day 3

Session 5: Modeling objects

Defining objects. Using warehouses and stores.

Session 6: Importing objects

Include 3D objects in our application. Lighting.

Day 4

Session 7: Animation in 3D

Movement in 3D. Translations, rotations and animations.

Session 8: Interaction in 3D

Integrating the different elements to develop an interactive 3D application.

Day 5

Session 9: Project

Define, design and build a project.

Session 10: Project and Wrap Up

Complete the project and wrap up of the course.


Days: February 3rd – February 7th


SPANISH MODULE (January 13th  January 24th 2020)
Spanish Language and Culture Institute (ILCE)